About Us

Tia Stokes, Founder of Meaningful Training  started her career as a social worker (graduating cum laude from Arizona Statue University with a bachelor's degree in social work) this provided her with an excellent understanding of human development, communication and the best way to motivate people to change.
Finding that she loved helping people master new ideas and tools through training, she went on to complete a master of arts degree in human resource management with an emphasis is training and organizational development (from Ottawa University).  
Over her 25+ year experience working in a variety of settings has given Tia an understanding of the special  challenges that people face when trying to get their work done.  Having dealt with direct customer service providers all the way up to directors, she understands that while roles change, most people have one thing in common, they want to do a  good job.  
Tia has extensive experience with all areas of the employee development lifecycle including:  recruitment, selection, onboarding, supervising, discipline, training and most important, coaching.  She enjoys working with an organization to solve the problems that need fixing or identify the ways to move from good to great.

How is working with Meaningful Training different?

We make facilitation, consulting and training fun!

We understand your needs and challenges. 

We won't just make more work for you.

Innovation * Partnership * Outcomes